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The BigBelly® Solid Waste Management System

The BigBelly® Solar Compactor is a patented compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered. Instead of requiring a grid connection, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs. The unit takes up as much space as the "footprint" of an ordinary receptacle—but its capacity is five times greater. Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. BigBelly also provides cost efficiencies from labor savings, fuel cost and maintenance savings, as well as environmental benefits from reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Safe, easy to use, and designed to keep out pests, the BigBelly has already proven its worth in urban streets, parks, colleges, arenas—and in all weather conditions.

To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click below:

Technical Specs
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BigBelly Compactor

Recycling Units



Ad Panel

Animal Latch

Indoor Models

BigBelly image

The BigBelly® Solar Compactor with integrated recycling units is the world's only system that provides on-site compaction of solid waste and separation of recyclable materials. The combination of recycling units with BigBelly® provides significant economic, environmental and educational benefits.

Features & Benefits

- Economic benefit
   - Provides excellent platform to realize economic goals
- Integrated design & shared materials
   Seamlessly combines with BigBelly®
- Paper, bottle/can & single stream recycling units
   Enables multiple configurations to separate recyclable streams
- Specific paper/bottle openings & graphics
   Encourages recycling of proper material
- Enclosed design
   Water resistant and discourages pilfering
- 50 gallon leakproof bin
   Contains liquid and requires no bag

Customers Include:

- City of Banff, Alberta Canada
- Cisco Corporate Campus in San Jose, CA
- Boston College

One thing is certain: conditions in the field are constantly changing. Currently, managers are either unaware of these conditions or find out about them after the fact - if at all. CLEAN - Collection Logistics Efficiency And Notification - provides accurate, realtime information from every BigBelly® in the field. Combined with the onsite solar-powered compaction of BigBelly®, CLEAN will enable you to further optimize trash collection, achieve a faster ROI, monitor collections, increase ongoing savings, and increase environmental benefits.


- See real-time BigBelly® operational data right at your desk
- Monitor collection activity to elimate unnecessary pickups and free up workers from on-street status checks
- Optimize collection efforts for faster ROI and increased savings for your business

Simple & Easy to Use

- BigBelly® solar compactors are upgraded with wireless hardware
- CLEAN sends data through standard SMS (text messaging) format to our online server
- Password-protected software application on the web allows access from any computer so there's no software to buy or maintain
- Our easy-to-navigate application displays customizable maps, fullness reports, group lists, and critical alerts

An innovative and highly visible application of renewable energy, BigBelly® attracts attention wherever it is deployed. Customize your BigBelly®, mirror your branding system and get your message across with custom colors, decals, silk screens, ad panels and wraps. Perfect for your business, school, city or town.


- Custom colors are available as painted or colored plastic
- Color is applied to ABS side panels, hopper cover and door handle


- Provide your artwork for a custom decal
- 18" x 22" front decal or 18" x 30" side decal, contains vinyl coating for durability and weather resistance


- BigBelly® can be wrapped just like a bus or automobile
- Durable 3M material handles any type of weather and will not fade

BigBelly® ad panels are a highly visible way to reach your target audience. Stop people in their tracks, outdoors where they work, live and play. Highlight your commitment to the environment, showcase your communities green goals, anti-litter campaign or promote your product, with unusual placement in busy areas such as pedestrian and vehicular locations and in remote outdoor and park settings. Advertising on BigBelly® sets you apart from the competition.

Features and Benefits

- Placement on BigBelly® in outdoor locations
   Reach your target in a concentrated and unexpected way
- Graphic dimensions are 30" length and 18" width
   Efficient size for visible graphics and messaging
- Snap fit sides and corners
   Easy to use and change out graphics
- Powder coated aluminum w/clear polycarbonate face
   Durable and weather resistant

Customers Include:

- US Forest Service
- City of Phoenix
- City of San Antonio
- City of Chicago

BigBelly® animal latch is the recommended accessory to help prevent bears and raccoons from getting into the trash. Easy for people to use, it is beyond the capability of bears, raccoons and other animals. The result is safety and protection for both humans and wildlife. BigBelly® animal latch is well suited for use in parks, campgrounds, trail heads, ski areas, rest areas and other remote locations.

Features and Benefits

- Spring loaded, locking mechanism
   Easy for humans to use, beyond the capabilities of animals
- ADA Compliant
   Meets requirement for height, reach and pounds of operating force
- Stainless steel construction
   Extremely durable and corrosion resistant
- Sleek and rounded design
   Complements aesthetics of BigBelly®

Customers Include:

- US Forest Service - Massachusetts State Parks
- Michigan State Parks
- Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority
- Snowmass Village, CO

The BigBelly® indoor models use the same durable mechanism proven successful in city streets, parks, zoos and other outdoor locations, but adapted for use indoors and in other locations without ambient daylight.

- The BigBelly® indoor model has no solar panel, running on a safe, low-voltage system with battery storage.
- The AC adaptor turns BigBelly® into a hybrid system with dual power sources - solar for outdoor use, and standard AC outlets for indoor use.

Safe and easy to use, both indoor models run on a simple adaptor that plugs into the back of the machine, using standard 110/220 Volt outlets with plug connectors for USA, UK and European markets.

Features and Benefits - Indoor Model

- Plugs into standard 110V/220V outlets
   Adaptors for USA, UK and European plug styles
- Energy efficient
  Uses only about 2kWh per year, costing less than $1 per year to operate
- No lock-out during compaction cycle
  Allows users to dispose of trash safely, prevents litter
- Battery storage
  Enables cordless use during events—simply plug back in later to recharge

Click here to download or print a PDF flyer of the Indoor Compactor information

Features and Benefits - AC Adaptor

- Hybrid power – solar outdoors, AC indoors
  Provides added versatility for dual-mode use
- Easily disconnects from the machine
  Simple to change between indoor & outdoor use
- Plugs into standard 110/220 Volt outlets
- Safe and energy efficient

Click here to download or print a PDF flyer of the AC Adaptor information

Customers Include:

-         Chicago Transit Authority
- Pennswood Village, Newtown, PA

Case Studies

Whether you are a city official, university president, park ranger or private company manager, BigBelly will work perfectly in your environment. As the world's first and only solar-powered cordless trash compaction system, BigBelly has created a proven, cost effective and environmentally conscious way to manage trash collection.

To learn more about how Bigbelly has made a difference with organizations like yours, click on one of the links below or to the right.

Cities and Towns

The Town of Banff, BC, Canada
The Town of Banff found their waste disposal solution in the form of 17 BigBelly Solar Recycling Kiosks, which met their requirements perfectly. The addition of BigBelly recyclers will greatly help Banff's zero waste initiative. The Town estimates a less than 2-year payback made up of $2,500 per month of cost savings from reduced pickup trips plus monthly revenues from the recyclables.

"It is not only an operational savings, but it's also an environmental savings from less fuel." - Chad Townsend, Banff environmental services coordinator
To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click here.

The City of Boston
In May 2008, the City of Boston took delivery of another 44 BigBelly Solar Compactors, incrementing the total now at work throughout the City to be more than 150 units.

"The solar trash receptacles have to go citywide. It will give us a more productive work force because you don't have to pick them up everyday." - Mayor Thomas Menino
To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click here.

Colleges and Universities

Arizona State University
In the fall of 2006, Pepsi donated six BigBelly solar compactors to the university, sporting ASU's red and orange colors and large recycling logos on their sides. Prior to switching to the BigBelly compactors, ASU crews were emptying the trash every day. Today, the compactors are emptied only every three or four days. That's great news for institutions hoping to purchase BigBelly compactors without outside funding, as the machines pay for themselves over time in reduced labor and fuel costs. Following this initial success, ASU purchased an additional 10 BigBelly units in June 2008.

"The machines are working great for the university. We only have to empty them intermittently, and there's no maintenance... I'm a believer now." - Ted Woods, Arizona State University
To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click here.

Outdoor Entertainment

Bergen County Zoo
In 2006, the Zoo placed two BigBelly compactors in the food court to replace the six traditional cans that served the area. As a result, the zoo has reduced its trash collection frequency from twice a day to every two or three days. Based on this early success, the Bergen County Parks Department bought an additional ten BigBelly solar compactors, which were installed in the Zoo and other high-traffic park locations.

"Keeping up with the trash is a real challenge for time...the BigBelly has been a tremendous time savings." - Timothy Gunther, Director, Bergen County Zoo
To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click here.

The Boston Red Sox
Fans at opening day at Fenway this year were greeted by their World Champion Red Sox and by a team of BigBelly Solar Compactors ready to make sure the neighborhood around Fenway Park remain clean and litter-free. BigBelly was a home run, celebrated by both the Red Sox and the neighborhood residents.

"We have become big fans of BigBelly and are supportive of the continued deployment of BigBelly compactors into the neighborhoods surrounding Fenway Park." - Jonathan Gilula, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs for the Red Sox
To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click here.

Portland Zoo
In 2007, the Zoo installed five BigBelly solar trash compactors in high-traffic locations. Garbage collections at these sites were instantly reduced from 3-5 times a day to just one. Collections could now be planned for times when the Zoo had its least number of visitors.

"This is a great example of ways the Oregon Zoo is using alternative-energy technology to lower costs and help improve the environment." - Tony Vecchio, Director, Oregon Zoo
To learn more, and download or print a PDF flyer, click here.


If you wish to receive information about our ongoing projects please contact us at: