Standby Solar Charger
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Think of it as a pocket power station. This lightweight battery pack uses solar energy to charge your smartphone, tablet or USB device anytime and anywhere. It’s so sleek, it can easily fit in your pocket or purse.



Standby Station FAQ

How fast will the Standby Station charge my phone?

The charge rate varies with each phone, however the output of the Standby Station is equal to a USB port, so your phone will charge in the same amount of time it will charge plugged into your computer port or wall transformer charger.

How big is the storage battery in the Standby Station?

3700 mAh storage capacity at 3.7 volts

Will the Standby Station completely charge my cell phone?

Yes, the Standby Station storage battery is larger than most cell phone batteries.

How many times can I charge my cell phone with one full charge on the Standby Station?

This depends on the individual cell phone storage battery capacity. However a common phone capacity is 1500 mAh. The Standby Station can charge this size 2+ times.

How fast will the Standby Station charge using the sun?

The battery capacity of the Standby Station is quite large, (3700 mAh), the built in panel will charge the battery pack completely from empty to full in approximately 22 hours.

Can I charge a tablet device with my Standby Station?

Yes, the Standby Station output is equal to a USB port, so your tablet will charge as if it is plugged into your computer port or wall transformer charger.

The adaptor cables provided do not have my particular connector, what should I do?

Many common “non-proprietary” connectors are included, for specialty connectors used by some manufacturers, we recommend that you use the cable provided by the manufacturer with that particular device.

Will my Apple® product work with the Standby Station?

In most cases yes, your apple product may indicate that it does not recognize the Standby Station as an apple product and prompt you to give permission to allow charging. You can do so without damage to your apple product.

Can I use the cable provided with my device with the Standby Station?

Yes, simply plug your personal cable in the USB output port as you would any USB port.

Can I charge the Standby Station using a transformer or USB port?

Yes, it is good policy to completely charge the Standby Station using a wall transformer or USB port supply in anticipation of needing the back up energy, and rely on the solar panel to “top off” the battery bank.

Can the Standby Station be charged using the Enviro-Light?

No the Enviro-Light cannot charge the tPOD Battery packs, it does not output a regulated 5 VDC.

Is the solar panel charging my phone directly?

No, the solar panel is charging the internal battery of the Standby Station, the stored energy in the battery bank is then output to your device.

Standy Station Support

The reddish orange light is lit when nothing is hooked up.

The reddish orange lamp indicates that the solar panel is charging the battery, even small amounts of light cause this to illuminate.

I plugged in the cable and nothing is happening.

There is an on/off button that must be pushed to enable the output, the charge level indicator LED will blink during output.

Which port do I use for what?

The larger USB port coming off the battery pack is the output port, the smaller micro USB port below the charge level indicators is the input port. These ports are labeled.



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