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It’s one part emergency light, one part outdoor light, one hundred percent innovation. The Enviro-Light is perfect for any wilderness adventure or power-loss situation. And the best part is, you’ll have reliable power on demand anytime and anywhere—power that’s safe, green and affordable.

Converts the heat energy of a small tea candle into useful electricity.
Weighs less than 12 ounces.

Provides up to 4 hours of bright LED light per candle—at a cost of about 1 cent/hour.

Unlike batteries used in flashlights/lanterns, candles don’t deplete or lose their charge with age.

LED light bulbs last a lifetime.

Enviro-Light thermoelectric power generator.
LED reading light.

10 paraffin wax tea candles.

Rugged canvas carrying case.

Enviro-Light: FAQ

Can I get the Enviro-Light with a USB outlet?

No the Enviro-Light does not output 5 VDC that is required for USB voltage.

Can the Enviro-Light charge my cell phone?

No the Enviro-Light cannot charge a cell phone, it does not output a regulated 5 VDC.

Can the Enviro-Light charge the tPOD battery packs?

No the Enviro-Light cannot charge the tPOD Battery packs, it does not output a regulated 5 VDC.

Can I use a bigger candle with my Enviro-Light and get more power?

No the Enviro-Light design is balanced to match the flame power from a tea candle, a bigger flame will likely overheat the whole system and result in damage to the generator.

Can I use the Enviro-Light in a strong wind?

The “mobility tray” provides wind protection, however if the wind is exceptionally strong, you may need to position the Enviro-Light behind a non-flammable wind block.

Can I use the Enviro-Light indoors?

The Enviro-Light uses an open flame to generate electricity, treat the Enviro-Light generator with the same caution you would any candle.

How long with the Enviro-Light generate electricity from one candle?

Generally speaking, a tea candle will burn 3.5 hours, some burn faster some slower. Once up to temperature, the Enviro-Light will generate electricity the entire time the candle burns.

Does the Enviro-Light store electricity?

No, the Enviro-Light does not have a storage device of any kind.

How long will the Enviro-Light illuminate after the candle burns out?

The Enviro-Light continues to generate electricity as long as it is up to temperature, it will illuminate the lamp for approximately 1 minute after the candle burns out.

Can I use citronella candles with the Enviro-Light?

Yes, the citronella oil added to candles does not affect the Enviro-Light.

Do I need to clean the Enviro-Light, and if so how do I?

Yes, inspect the Enviro-Light prior to using looking for a build up of soot on the interior silver section. Do not use cleaning solutions, simply brush any deposits away with a soft bristle brush.

Enviro-Light Support

The lamp does not come on immediately when I put the Enviro-Light over the candle.

The Enviro-Light needs some time at the start up to reach generating temperatures. Usually the lamp begins to glow at about 2 minutes.

My lamp does not come on, and I have waited longer than 2 minutes for warm up.

There is an on/off switch on the lamp head, it is located where the flexible sections joins the lamp head, the on position is toward the lamp head.

Sometimes my Enviro-Light is brighter than other times.

Not all candles burn exactly the same, some burn hotter some burn cooler, it depends on the length and quality of the wick.

I ran out of candles, can I purchase the original candles from buytpod.com?

Most tea candles available work as the heat source for the Enviro-Light, with the candles being widely available and the shipping costs being greater than the candle price we have chosen not to offer the candles for sale.

We recommend that you visit: Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar General, Walmart, or most other retail markets, ask for assistance if you cannot find the product.


We sincerely appreciate Tellurex Coporation, Inc for the tremendous innovations and creativity to come up with such a device. It can be utilized in the rural areas in our nation, Uganda, to provide light in those regions that cannot access electricity. They have had an improved standard of living, hence moving the nation forward.
Buule from Kampala, Uganda

I lost power last night and charged my iPhone 5 about 20% in 1.5 hours while it was being used as a wireless hot spot. Very cool.

Richard from Southeast MI

We all love the Enviro-Light and the team can’t wait for them. I guess you can say they are "QRT Approved"!

Dustin, QRT Airsoft

The Enviro-Light works great! We still use it even though we have solar energy because our system isn't strong enough to use lights 24 hours a day.

Jon, Missionary in Benin

My wife and I are very impressed with the Enviro-Light. We lost our power several times last month, and your light made a huge difference!

Rocky from Boulder, CO

This is a very cool item, and I’m glad to have added it to my stock of alternate power and light sources.

Josh, ApocalyspseEquipped blog

The Enviro-Light was an excellent device to have during the Moore tornado this week. It was a great light source for our room while the electricity was not available. I was able to participate in the Kickstarter opportunity (the first I had participated in) and I was happy I did.”

Paul from Moore, OK


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