55W off grid kit

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This is our portable camping size kit that is self-contained and complete, and comes ready to put in the sun for portable power. It has circuit breaker built in for protection. It has a DC power port and comes with USB adapters for charging the most common devices. It’s meant for setting in a convenient location (hopefully in the sun) when camping or picnicking or whenever it is needed, and providing a small power source that automatically recharges itself. No assembly required.

Warranty per mfg. Panel – 25 yr, charge controller – 5 yr, inverter – 2 yr, volt meter – 2 yr, batteries – 1 yr

GreenerEnergy.ca cannot take responsibility for the implementation of these kits by the installer and offers them as a recommendation.
Please observe NEC and local codes.


 (1) 55W solar panel

(1) Samlex 300W 12V pure sine wave inverter, 2 yr warranty

(1) Morningstar Sunkeeper charge controller 6A - 12 VDC, 5 yr warranty

(2) 18aH sealed AGM batteries

(1) Digital Voltmeter


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