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Solar for Home or Office: DecisionMaking Tools

Photo of a worker installing an energy-efficient foam-core center wall section.

A worker installs a wall section made with an energy-efficient foam-core center as the insulating material; the particleboard sheathing is made from recycled wood products.

Here are some decision-making tools to aid you in the process of learning about and using energy-efficient and solar electric technologies and products. Your home's energy efficiency is very important; because energy efficiency reduces the costs of energy use, it should be taken into consideration as you decide on the best solar electric power system for your needs. In fact, we recommend making your house as energy efficient as possible before considering a photovoltaic or PV system, because then you might not need such a large system, especially for heating and cooling.

Consumer Software for Residential Energy Analysis

This list of computer software programs can help you analyze your home's energy use and the impact of energy-efficient design features.

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)

DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy.

Economics of Solar Pool Heaters

Here are some resources on installing a solar pool-heating system, including financing and incentives, solar resources, orientation of the pool and collector, and state and community codes.

Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home

This online guide can help you make your home more energy efficient.

Energy Star® Home Improvement Toolbox

These tools can help you save money and energy when remodeling, repairing, or improving your home. Photo of Tuskegee University Students working in a solar powered home office in their 2002 Solar Decathlon house.

Tuskegee University students work in a home office in their 2002 Solar Decathlon house, which is completely powered by solar electricity. The Solar Decathlon is a collegiate contest sponsored by the Department of Energy. Student teams are challenged to integrate aesthetics and modern conveniences with maximum energy production and optimal efficiency. Each team builds a uniquely designed house. In 2002, the solar decathletes transported their houses to the National Mall in Washington D.C. for the competition. The next competition will be in Fall 2005.

Energy Star® Products

Here's a list of appliances, electronics, and building products that meet Energy Star's rigorous energy efficiency requirements.

Find-Solar.org Solar Estimator

Estimate the price, savings, and system size of solar energy systems to produce electricity, heat your water, or heat your spa or pool. From the American Solar Energy Society, the Solar Electric Power Association, Energy Matters LLC, and the U.S. Department of Energy

Home Energy Saver

To use this online do-it-yourself home energy audit tool, all you need is your zip code. Based on your zip code, the tool can tell you how you can make your home more energy efficient.

NASA's Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy Data

This is a renewable energy resource web site sponsored by NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Program that contains over 200 satellite-derived meteorological and solar energy parameters, monthly averaged from 10 years of data, and data tables for a particular location.

PVWATTS: A Performance Calculator for Grid-Connected PV Systems

You can use this online calculator to determine how much electrical energy a grid-connected solar electric system can produce. It applies to areas within the United States and its territories.

Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC)

The RReDC provides information on several types of renewable energy resources in the United States, in the form of publications, data, and maps.

RETScreen Renewable Energy Project Analysis Software

This free software can be used worldwide to evaluate energy production, life-cycle costs, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for various types of renewable energy technologies.

Simply Insulate

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association provides information on how to lower your energy usage by properly insulating your home. Included are calculators to determine your energy savings through home insulation, and ways to determine the recommended amount of insulation depending on the state you live in. The site also includes resources on state financial incentives for installing and purchasing insulation.

Grid Tied Components

 GreenerEnergy.ca ' selection of grid connect solar power components comes from years of experience and testing. Our sourcing team has scoured the globe looking for the highest quality and most reliable system components. 

 Our large buying power means we can source reliably from our global manufacturing partners giving you access to the largest range of renewable energy products available in The World at competitive prices; further reduced by generous renewable energy rebates!


Contact our team  for free, no-obligation advice, get an online quote, or download a form to request a site inspection today!


Grid connect inverters

grid connect inverter

Inverters are the heart of every solar power system. The prerequisite for a well designed system is the careful matching of modules and inverters. GreenerEnergy.ca  offers the very best in grid connected inverters, which have been tested for years in the field and offer the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

Solar panels

grid connect solar panel

At GreenerEnergy.ca , we are committed to seeing The World become "Solar Nations"!


For this to occur; solar panels, the biggest price component of a system, must be affordable. Furthermore, solar panels are among the most critical parts of a solar power system so it is important they are also of good quality. We searched the world for an optimal combination of good quality and best price.


Based on our extensive field research and installation experience we firmly believe and have proven to ourselves and our customers there is quantifiable quality difference between top brand solar panels from BP Solar, the Japanese Sharp brand and the Chinese manufactured Many manufacturers and Suntech panels. 


Even the BP Solar panels rely on silicon made in China. As we can purchase these and others panels in large volumes from the manufacturers and we do not have any middleman, our system prices are very competitive and we are delighted to pass on the savings to you. 

 Here are some key facts about the solar panels GreenerEnergy.ca  uses for our systems. 

  • GreenerEnergy.ca  uses modules made by many manufacturers  for a number of simple reasons. All brands have 25 year output warranties, meaning they guarantee that in 25 years time they will still faithfully output at least 80% of the rated output. 
  • Most importantly the manufacturers of the panels comply with IEC 61215, which is the International Electrical Commission's standard for Solar Panels. The IEC 61215 regulates the design qualification of solar panels used for long-term outdoor operations. The standard determines the electrical and thermal characteristics of the module. In short it is the international certificate of quality and long durability. That's why, only panels certified as IEC 61215 can be used for systems receiving Government rebates.

Mounting systems

solar panel mounting systems

We use the SunTop III, Unirac and others, they  offer both an elegant yet simple installation solution which can be mounted easily on any pitched roof with almost every kind of roof material. 


The system design guidelines enable code-compliant installation in all wind regions in The World. All components are made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel. The high corrosion resistance ensures a long lifespan.

Download the SunTop IIIrooftop solar panel mounting system datasheet (PDF)


Cabling and peripherals

 Get started on your GreenerEnergy.ca  solar electric grid connect system!

As with our major grid connect components, we don't skimp on quality when it comes to wiring and fuses. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link - and there are no weak links in our residential grid connect solar power solutions!

Get grid connected solar now!

  Contact our team  for free, no-obligation advice, get an online quote, or download a form to request a site inspection today!

Off grid solar and remote power generation

  Living in a remote area where mains electricity just isn't available or terribly cost prohibitive? Consider a stand alone wind turbine or solar power system from GreenerEnergy.ca! We sell the top brands at the best prices and will assist you with up to date information on any rebates or incentives that may be available to you!  

For all your off grid solar power needs 

We've supplied and/or installed quality wind and solar equipment for hundreds of remote locations and off grid applications. - at the very best prices! Contact us today via email  

How off grid wind and solar power works

Off grid wind and solar power explained

How do off grid solar power and wind energy systems work? What sorts of components are required? Is it difficult to set up? Read  our brief guide to remote power.

Wind and solar power rebates

Off grid rebates & incentives

Learn more about rebates applicable to off grid wind and solar power - 50% rebate on remote power equipment (limited funding - get in quick!) and RECs - carbon credits

off grid system builder

Off grid system builder

Try our Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) system calculator to determine your stand alone solar energy system requirements and suitable components.

Solar powered water pumping

Solar powered water pumps

Solar powered water bore pumps provide an ideal water delivery solution in areas where mains electricity is not easily accessed.

We guarantee the best prices

Best price guarantee

If you have a written quote from another company and our price is not below the quote you have, fax or email it to us - we will beat any written quote on comparable components for a full off-grid system by up to 5%!

Components - off grid

Off grid components

When you're out in the middle of nowhere, you need to have 100% confidence in your power generation system! GreenerEnergy.ca only stocks the very best in solar power equipment. Read more about the quality components of our remote power systems.

Certified wind and solar power installers

Off grid installer network

Don't wish to install your own system? We have accredited off grid installers throughout World who can ensure your system is installed for optimum performance. Done once, done right!

Off grid and RAPS faq

Off grid faq's

Frequently asked questions and answers relating to off grid solar, remote area and stand alone power systems.

Previous off grid solar power projects

Some of our off grid projects

GreenerEnergy.ca has installed more off grid systems that just about anyone else in Australia. Check out these photos of some of our more recent remote power projects.

Read what our customers have to say

Client testimonials and reviews

From components to installations, we aim to provide the very best in renewable energy. Read recent reviews from some of our many happy customers

About Energy Matters

About GreenerEnergy.ca

We are a leading wind and solar power equipment and installation company. Learn more about our organization and our team.

Our renewable energy visions

A renewables powered World

Our vision and philosophy is all about a sustainable future powered by green energy and accessible to everybody!

Contact our friendly team

Contact our friendly experts

If you have any questions about remote area solar/ wind power generation, we're here to help - our team of renewable energy experts will provide you with free, no-obligation advice for your specific requirements.

 Don't settle for second best - an off grid solar system is a substantial investment; not just of money, but your family's comfort, safety and security. See what the competition offers and then come back to  the best - GreenerEnergy.ca! We take the cost and headaches out of remote power systems! Contact us today via email and speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team

How do off grid power systems work?

 Advancements in wind and solar power over the years has seen major improvements to off grid technology - it's now cheaper and more efficient than ever; so just because you're living in a remote location, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice creature comforts!

Here's how a remote power generation system works.

How off grid wind and solar power works

  • Sun shines on the solar panels or wind turns wind turbine blades, generating DC electricity
  • The DC electricity is fed into a regulator which controls the amount of charge
  • Deep cycle batteries are charged
  • 12 volt appliances can be run directly off the batteries or the current routed through an  inverter which converts it to 240V 50Hz AC electricity; suitable for running standard home appliances.

    Selecting a remote power system
    Getting the right system for your needs is imperative and much will depend on where you live - try our system builder tool for a good idea of the components you'll need and the cost. For tailored, no-obligation advice email

    While a stand alone power system (SAPS) can be quite an investment, generous government renewable energy rebates for people living in remote areas mean you can also save thousands on an off grid wind or solar power set-up for a limited time! Our team can inform you of the latest rebates and subsidies available.

  Installing off grid solar or wind power

You can install your remote power system yourself or engage the services of one of our accredited off grid installers.

 If you wish to install your own system, in the case of solar power, the optimum for solar panels is that the glass face of the modules is positioned at 0-90 degrees to the sun for most of the day. In Sydney this angle would be approximately 30-40 degrees to the horizontal. In order to determine the optimum angle for your location; try our system builder.


Get started on your GreenerEnergy.ca off grid system! Contact our team of friendly remote power experts for free, no-obligation advice.

Off grid solar and wind power components

 GreenerEnergy.ca' range of quality remote solar and wind power components have been carefully selected through years of hands-on experience in the renewable energy industry in remote locations. We've searched and tested turbines, panels and associated equipment from around the world in order to offer equipment you can rely on in an off grid application.

 Our substantial buying power and ability to bypass the middleman by negotiating direct with manufacturers means we can offer the best pricing on off grid equipment; further reduced by government rebates of up to 50% if eligible!

  Contact our team  for free, no-obligation expert advice advice on getting the best off grid system for your needs and budget!

 Solar panels

grid connect solar panel

Solar panels are the most expensive aspect of a solar power system, but with our buying power, we can offer you top quality panels with a 20+ year guarantee for prices far below many of our competitors. Whether it's polycrystalline, thin film or monocrystalline solar panels you need, GreenerEnergy.ca has you covered!

  All the solar panels we offer comply with IEC 61215, the International Electrical Commission's standard for Solar Panels. The IEC 61215 is the international certificate of quality and long durability.

 View our huge selection of solar panels 

Wind turbines

wind turbine

A wind turbine creates reliable, cost-effective, pollution free energy when installed in suitable areas. GreenerEnergy.ca' range of turbines are built to last and priced below what you might expect. We have wind turbines for land and marine applications, all backed by solid manufacturer guarantees

  View our extensive range of wind turbines 

Solar regulators

solar regulator

To protect your battery investment, you need a quality solar regulator that provides maximum efficiency and won't give up in Australia's harsh conditions. GreenerEnergy.ca stocks the world's best brands such as Morningstar, Steca, Plasmatronics and Apollo Solar.

  Browse our huge selection of solar regulators 

Deep Cycle Batteries

deep cycle battery

GreenerEnergy.ca range of flooded, AGM and Gel deep cycle batteries have been tried and tested in Australian remote power systems in order to assure you of the maximum life and performance for your money. We have the largest range of 2v, 4v, 6v, 12v, 24v and 48 volt deep cycle batteries in the country!

  Check out our range of deep cycle batteries 

Off grid inverters

grid connect inverter

Inverters are the heart of every solar power system. The prerequisite for a well designed system is the careful matching of modules and inverters. GreenerEnergy.ca offers the very best in grid connected inverters, which have been tested for years in the field and offer the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

 View our extensive range of power inverters 

Mounting systems

solar panel mounting systems

Roof top, ground mount, pole mount, wind turbine towers - even RV top! GreenerEnergy.ca only offers the very best in mounting systems to ensure ease of installation and protection for your renewable energy investment. We also offer solar trackers so you can squeeze ever possible bit of energy out of the sun!

 Take a look at our range of solar panel and wind turbine mounting systems


Get started on your off grid system today!

 Learn more about off grid system rebates, try our system builder, shop for remote power components in our secure online store or contact our team of friendly experts for free, no-obligation advice.

Off grid installation network

 Don't see an installer close to you? Be sure to ask us as we're adding new installation coverage every week!

 Our installation team are highly experienced, responsible for thousands of successful projects over the years. When you purchase and off grid wind or solar power system from our company, you'll not only get the best components on the market, but a top notch installation service from our experts who will ensure your system is installed for maximum reliability and efficiency! 

Accredited off grid installation experts

 All of our installation team have attained certification and are nationally recognized accreditation. Recognizing that our installers are competent in best practices, design and installation of off grid power systems.

 GreenerEnergy.ca has the most accredited installers working in one well trained team. Our installers are so well respected, they even undertake projects for other renewable energy companies when they require additional hands..

 If our competition thinks so highly of our skills to they point they utilize our services - it speaks volumes!


Get started on your GreenerEnergy.ca off grid wind or solar power system today! Shop for solar panels, wind turbines, regulators, deep cycle batteries and inverters, try our system builder tool or contact our team for free, no-obligation advice

RAPS (Remote Access Power System) / off grid FAQs 

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about off grid energy. Building an remote solar power system? Make it easier using our online GreenerEnergy.ca's System Builder!

 Also check out our main off grid section for a ton more information on stand alone power systems and applicable rebates; or contact our friendly solar experts for tailored, no-obligation advice!

Off grid frequently asked questions


What is a RAPS / off-grid system?  

 A RAPS (Remote Access Power System) allows for off-grid operation using batteries for energy storage and is best suited to situations where power is needed during blackouts or premises not connected to the mains electricity grid. They may run on solar power or wind energy.


How does a remote power system work?

 The DC electricity produced by the wind turbine or solar panel array is routed through wiring to a solar regulator or charge controller, which regulates the charging of the deep cycle battery bank. DC appliances can then be run off the battery or via a power inverter to supply standard household appliances with 240 volt electricity.

How off grid wind and solar power works

How many solar panels will I need?

 This will vary greatly, but as a very general guide, 75 to 120 watts of solar panels are required for every 200 AH of batteries. For a more accurate estimation, please use GreenerEnergy.ca's System Builder; a free calculator that will take into account your energy requirements and produce a recommendation of suitable products such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries, regulators and inverters for use in remote power applications.


Monocrystalline, thin film or polycrystalline solar panels?

 Between monocrystalline and polycrystalline there isn't a lot of difference except that a polycrystalline panel is slightly larger. Regardless of size, a panel will output to its rating. However, the choice between monocrystalline/polycrystalline and thin film is a little more complex, GreenerEnergy.ca generally recommends monocrystalline for grid connect situations and monocrystalline or polycrystalline for off grid and remote power applications.


What sized wind turbine will I need?

 If you're wishing to use wind energy to charge batteries, we recommend contacting our friendly wind power experts who can recommend the best products to suit your needs.


How many batteries do I need?

 Again, it depends greatly on your energy requirements. For example, if you just wish to run a notebook all day, LED lighting and a few small appliances intermittently, a 100 AH battery may suffice, assuming you have the correct sized solar panel to charge it. To run a household will require far more battery storage. The GreenerEnergy.ca's System Builder tool will also provide battery size recommendations.


What is a solar regulator?

 A solar regulator is also known as a charge controller - it's a small box monitors the battery bank and regulates the charge to ensure maximum charging without damaging the battery bank through overcharging.


What size regulator should I allow for?

 The solar regulator's measured amp rating should slightly exceed the total amp rating of the solar panels. GreenerEnergy.ca's System Builder will recommend an appropriately sized regulator based on energy usage information you provide.


Where should a fuse be placed?

 It's always wise to place a fuse directly before the regulator to as an added protection for the regulator and consequently, the battery bank 


Do I need to ground an off-grid solar power system?

 Your remote power system should be grounded via the battery bank.


Does wiring size really make much difference?

 Yes, it does. Think of wiring like a water pipe - the more water forced into the pipe and the longer the pipe is, the higher pressure needed to push the water through. That "pressure" in wiring becomes heat, wasted energy. Additionally, if the wires from the panel to the regulator is of insufficient diameter, the wiring may overheat, causing a fire hazard and possible other damage to your equipment. GreenerEnergy.ca offers a DC cable sizing calculator to determine the diameter wire you'll need based on panel output and distance from the solar panel array to the regulator.


What sorts of rebates are available for off grid solar power?

 The Federal Government is offering many incentives for the uptake of off grid solar power, for example, a 50% rebate on renewable generation equipment and RECs - carbon credits. Learn more about off-grid solar power rebates.

 For more information, visit our off grid solar power section, or email

Income from solar farms
 Generating income from a farm can be tough., the 21st century has brought additional challenges in maintaining traditional farming revenue streams.
Solar farms - become a sun farmer!
If you're looking for new ways of creating income from your farming activities, consider an investment in turning a small slice of your property into a solar/ wind farm! Farmers across the globe and are switching on to solar or wind power as a way of generating stable income by harnessing the energy of the sun and wind. 

 Interested? contact our solar farming consultants  email us for further details!

A farming opportunity with low maintenance and overheads
A solar or wind farm has none of the labour intensive nature and ongoing overheads of traditional farming.
No water is needed, no herbicides or pesticides, no vet bills, early morning starts or late night paddock checks. You'll be making money from something that is often the enemy of farming - the sun! You'll also be able to provide your own farm with clean, renewable power. (Note: under  some Contries tariff scheme, farm electricity consumption is limited to 100 megawatt hours a year)

There's next to no maintenance involved - the sun or wind does all the hard work for you; making you money while leaving you free to do other things. Solar/ Wind farming can easily integrate with your farm's current activities - all you'll need is under an acre of land or 500 square meters of roof area.

The financial benefits of a solar farm 
If the maximum system size is 10kW per phase - that means a system as large as 30kW is still eligible. ie. 44c per kilowatt hour net feed in program if a three-phase connection is available! 

For systems up to 10kw capacity and 40.04c/kWh for up to 30kW capacity, with a system capacity cap at this point of 30kW. The system cap may also be increased later in 2009.

Income of approximately $35K per annum from solar farming is possible based on 6 peak sun hours a day. Based on 4.4 peak sun hours on average per day, this equates to approximately a $35K per annum return on a 30kW system if exporting energy to a retailer such as TruEnergy who are offering 64c per kilowatt feed in tariff.

Income from solar power generation is guaranteed until 2028 - guaranteed income over such a long period for any farming activity is such a rare opportunity!

ABN holders will be able to claim depreciation and GST credit, plus you could also be eligible for an $8000 government rebate on solar power equipment under the current SHCP program, or $7,500 under the new solar credits program to begin in July 2009!

GreenerEnergy.ca can negotiate the acquisition of any RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) that accompany the purchase of equipment as a point of sale discount. This can translate to up to $25,000 in additional savings!

A solar farm is a great return on investment, particularly considering the low maintenance involved and the reassurance of guaranteed income! Additionally, components in a grid connected solar farm have no moving parts and the solar panels have an output guarantee of 25 years.

 By installing solar or wind farm equipment, you'll also considerably boost the value of your property - it's a great selling point should you decide to sell your farm in the future!

The environmental benefits of sun farming
 By installing a grid connected solar power system on your property, you'll not only providing your own farm with renewable energy, but any surplus will be fed into the mains grid, distributing clean electricity to the people! Your sun farm will be playing a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

 Unlike many other traditional farm activities, sun farming is truly environmentally friendly!
Interested? contact our solar farming consultants  email us for further details!