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GO GREENER! is a Wholesale Supplier, Developer and Installer of renewable energy power systems. We provide not only the expertise and the technical service the customer needs, but also a place for learning. We encourage growth through knowledge, use our growing "How To" section to learn more. Please visit our site often, as valuable industry tools will be added.

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A beautiful roof, a simple solution! Solar just got easier. The LUMA Resources Solar Rooftop System is simply put; the cleanest, easiest, and most complete solar product available today. The LUMA Resources & staff will thoroughly answer every question and walk you through the process of making solar achievable. The wait is over and the time is now. Let LUMA take you from your good idea all the way, ending with money in your pocket.  

2400 Watts

Champion Homes - Lincoln, NB - July 2009

5760 Watts
First UL Listed System - St. Clair, MI - August 2010

6240 Watts

Custom System - Bloomfield, MI - September 2010

9261 Watts

Fire Station - Rochester, MI - December 2010

12,000 Watts

Costal Home - Santa Cruse, CA - November 2010


A solar shingle designed for steep sloped roofing applications. The polycrystalline photovoltaic tempered glass module is adhered to a custom formed metal shingle. A premium plastic edge protector surrounds the glass to provide added durability. The junction box located on the back is positioned in the center of the shingle, allowing equal length wires to run in either direction. Luma Resources Solar Shingle

Composing as the roof, the solar shingles come with their own custom flashing that surrounds the system. The flashing transitions the solar shingles into, virtually, all other roofing products. Underneath the solar shingle there is space for air flow and wire harnessing.

2400 Watt System

3600 Watt System

4200 Watt System

5040 Watt System

5760 Watt System

7200 Watt System

8640 Watt System


Custom System Sizes are Available

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LUMA’s Core Strengths
  • The LUMA innovation completely eliminates the long standing problem that faces typical solar products known as the half life roof.
  • LUMA ships factory-direct with all the component parts.
  • The system is sold in a variety of standard or custom sizes.
  • The system installs quickly, reducing installation time and labour expense.
  • LUMA’s system is aesthetically pleasing, and can be integrated with any type of roofing shingle.
  • The system is totally building integrated and qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.
  • LUMA’s system is the roof, as well as the solar generator. Roofing shingles and labour are not needed within the LUMA Solar Roof footprint.
The Half Life Roof
One of the biggest impasses to residential solar is the half life roof. Racking systems are currently the most common way to install solar systems on rooftops. These outdated systems are usually made up of aluminum rails and roof brackets used to add solar arrays on top of existing roofs. The challenge that faces the contractor and their customers is this; what do you do when the existing roof still has years of usable life left but will not outlast the newly installed framed solar modules mounted to the roof on racks?
Until now a contractor’s options for their customers wanting roof top solar systems were:
  • Install the solar racking system, then later remove and reinstall it when it’s time to reroof.
  • The Drawback: A lot of extra work and expense down the road and the chance for damage to the solar system by extra handling.
  • Reroof before installing the rack mounted solar system.
  • The Drawback: The lost value of the existing roof, and more upfront cost by having to reroof before installing the solar system.
  • Reroof the area the new rack system will occupy.
  • The Drawback: There’s a very high probability that the new shingles will not match the old. Also, you now have a section of the roof that is out of sync (age wise).
Drawbacks Solved
Install a Luma Solar System. Luma's core strengths solve the half life roof problem!The area of roof space that LUMA occupies is the roof. When a LUMA Solar Roofing System is installed it does not matter how old, or new the surrounding roof system is. The LUMA system will flash to any roof in its existing condition. A new roof can be installed around The LUMA system at any future date without ever having to touch the solar roof section, because the LUMA system is the roof and the solar energy collector. A true industry breakthrough! 

Why does the LUMA System look better than traditional solar systems?
The LUMA roofing shingle is a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system. The system integrates within the roof rather than the large box or plate like PV panels which are mounted atop the existing roofing materials. BIPV offers a number of advantages:
  • The LUMA System is pleasing to look at; it blends into the roofing material surrounding it.
  • It integrates into, and is part of the roofing system rather than appearing as an afterthought.
  • The horizontal lines of the LUMA System naturally flow with the horizontal lines of most roofing systems.
  • LUMA’s low profile integration into the roof instead of large squares rising 4 to 6 inches above the roof attract a lot less attention.
  • LUMA’s flashing system surrounds the solar shingles instead of bare aluminum bars that are typically used for rack mounted systems.
  • LUMA’s system is custom fit to the exact roof it is being installed on. Therefore, it can be centered on the roof and look symmetrical.
Another very important LUMA advantage:
LUMA’s customers are contractors which mean one point of contact for the customer. This becomes very important if warranty issues arise. Only one contractor will be responsible for the solar system, the surrounding roof, and the electrical hook up.

How can the LUMA System help you?
By taking all of the traditional impasses out of the way, (the racking system, the half life roof, and premature reroofing) LUMA Resources & offers: pleasing appearance, a fully engineered system, turn-key packaging, and quick & easy installation.

LUMA Resources & Solar Roofing System is bringing: